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Welcome to forum R. Pittenger!


#1: 2007 S302 PJ models tend to top out at $35,000.00.

#2: Cosmetically the PJ center caps do age and the shaker scoop trim ring does crack. Both items are no longer available. If should be noted the aging center caps and the cracking trim rings happened when these cars were fairly new.

My speculation is, the center caps age with UV sunlight and the trim rings crack with heat.

Around 2010 MJA/Saleen/Revstone did one last run of PJ Edition center caps. If you find a new set for sale, expect to pay $100.00-$500.00. Though keep in mind all production runs of these center caps age. So, in 3-5 years your NOS caps will be discolored again.

Since the 2007 S302 PJ is becoming an older model, most of the Saleen specific styling equipment is obsolete. Body kit, wing, louvers, emblems, wheels... etc. If you buy a PJ and want "insurance," when you find PJ parts for sale, buy them and store them.

After PJ production ended. Saleen, Inc released two (2) Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for this model.

#1: There was a Speedometer Calibration error with the PJ cluster. I do not recall, but around 70 MPH the speedo registers the wrong speed.

#2: The Saleen Watt-Link repair. Which included a rear subframe brace and new pivot bolt for the swivel link. Check for rear frame rail cracking on vehicles without the brace installed.

If you plan on saving the vehicle. Find one with as much original paperwork as possible and make sure the Saleen/PJ specific owner's manual is still with the car.
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