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Hello, the "black" paint bar is the frame rail support brace. These were not originally installed on the 2007 S302 PJ and were not included in the Saleen Speedlab Gen I watts-link kit.

This bar came as part of the TSB and were standard in the Saleen Speedlab Gen II watts-link kit.

In 2014 Saleen Automotive used a watt-link produced by White Line as part of the S302 George Follmer Edition. There may also be a handful (1-3) of 2011-14 S302 Black Labels with the White Line watts-link. Though, don't quote me.

All of the bushings used in the Saleen watts-link kit are serviced. The rear sway bar is 2007-09 Ford GT500 and the swing arms use off-the-shelf control arm bushings.

If you see a flaw in the differential cover or the pivot bolt; could be best to remove the complete unit.

Here is one possible issue with the original Saleen/PJ watts install. The pivot bolt was threaded in the diff cover, then a set-screw is installed to hold the pivot bolt, this set-screw can alter the original pivot bolt threads. So, if you ever try to remove the original pivot bolt and if this set-screw messed the pivot bolt threads, you can destroy the diff cover working out the pivot bolt. Specifically the threads for this aluminum diff cover.

Which means, you will be drilling out the differential cover for a helicoil insert. Then you will install a new pivot bolt.
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