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Dave and anyone else having an answer,
Today, while finalizing the winterizing process on my PJ car, I removed the rear louver panel expecting to see that the foam horizontal strips were detoriorated and needing replacement. I had planned to keep the panel at home over the winter and work on it in my basement.

What I found, however, was foam in like new condition so no need to mess with the foam. I did keep it here at the house so that I can give it a good clean up though it's perfectly suitable as is. The problem I do need to deal with is that one of the metal plates containing the threaded weld stud came off the window when I removed the louver panel (it possibly could already have been loose as mounted). All the other plates seem to be securely attached.

Do any of you have any information on the adhesive that Saleen used to hold the plates to the window? I'll need to get some before the car comes out of storage next spring.

Thanks in advance,
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