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Car looks okay, but they need to be reducing bulk from the look, not adding to it. The front hood would look so much better with a heat extraction hood where it is visibly reducing the front thickness of the car from the side view. The tonneau is just design gone wild. Again, it looks very added on and increases the rear side girth of the car instead of flowing with the lines and adding a tonneau two seater look with the bumps behind the driver and passenger seats. The rear spoiler does not belong on this car. It looks like a total after thought. Remove that thing and let the body flow. Just have a Ferarri 360 type bump coming up from the rear flanks to the high point along the back of the trunk. Something to make it look professional. Get ride of that stupid Saleen tail light panel and make it a "thin" black wire mesh or something with a small Saleen badge and model number on it. I have always hated that plastic piece and can not believe it is still used. Finally punt those wheels already. Five spokes or a variation of 5 spoke wheels are all that should go on a Mustang. I do believe that. Those old Dark Horse wheels are just not it.

Beyond that, I can not believe, Mark did not put Yellow and White stripe pieces on the side sills. Interior is great but seat insert colors should have been Yellow and White stripes not Red.

Car is okay, but not there yet. Unfortunately SMS cars are not there either for looks. Anxiously awaiting completely new Mustang style as this one is done to death already.
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