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As a Speedster owner myself i have to be quite honest and say i dont really like the look of the car. Sure the matte black finish is cool and all but i never liked the tonneau cover design for this gen mustang. IMO it looks all wrong, doesnt really enhance the look of the car. Previous saleen speedsters transformed the look of the mustang into something very sleek and exotic, so much so that many couldnt identify the fact of it being a mustang. This car really doesnt have the proportions to pull it off. Simular to some models of the Porsche in speedster form that appeared too 'bloated'.

Although not a speedster, i was impressed with the lines of the lee Iacocca edition mustang, with the extended rear window/b pillar treatment simular to late model mustangs. It stretched the overall look of the stang giving a far more sexy look.

They also applied the notion of 'less-is more' and in that case it worked beautifully.

With that said im also sure this saleen speedster looks may be a bit more appealing in person rather than pictures. But i doubt ide be sold on the current tonneau cover design which looks like its a poor attempt to fill a gap. to me, unlike past saleen speedsters it simply doesnt help the cars looks if anything if hurts it.
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