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Default Seeking info: 99-0345 S281

Searching for information on what I believe to be 99-345, or rather what’s left of it. Quick backstory for context. (Just typed this whole post only to close the tab and lose it all so this won’t be as detailed as the original):

Got the car in September dead as a door knob. Previous Owner (P.O.’s) had abused it, wrecked it, ran it hot, “pimped” it, replaced OEM Saleen panels with GT panels because he couldn’t afford the real stuff, etc. Essentially the car was dead, claimed it had a blown headgasket, I got it for free not running, did some basic maintenance and got it running in 2-3 days after sitting for close to 3 years. Only issue it had preventing it from running right was oil seeping into the coolant system, luckily not the other way around, and that was fixed with the replacement of the Oil Filter Housing Gasket. I’ve de-pimped it as much as I can and now it looks somewhat how it should with the exception of a few unpainted body panels, deep scratches in places that are painted, and 2015 S550 18” gunmetal gray wheels that somehow made their way on this car and honestly don’t look to bad.

Jumping to today. I’ve finally gotten to the point where she runs solid, and can begin spending money on wants rather than needs. I had originally planned with going for Saleen’s OEM body kit and just replacing everything, but instead opted for KBD’s polyurethane kit as the roads in my town are garbage and this car sits rather low and I wanted something that could take a beating. In my opinion, great kit, snug but very solid fit, and is probably the best 3rd party Saleen kit out there. It also was on sale. The only thing that bothers me about it is the lack of the word “Saleen” engraved in the rear bumper, but my paint and body guy said he can’t solve that. But back to the car itself.

Originally the history of this car was quite cloudy and still it but I’m still holding out that its authentic and with some help from the Saleen Owners Group on FaceBook, I now have some confidence. I communicated with some members of the page who helped me try to figure out what serial number this could possibly be and they came to the conclusion of 99-345 as my VIN in their words, not mine matched with. I don’t have a copy of the Saleen Book and my attempts of finding an online database or a digital copy of the Book have been unsuccessful.

They claim that my car should’ve included:
• Leather – Which my car has albeit destroyed
• Mats – Long gone
• Chrome Wheels – P.O.’s have but they’re destroyed and I wanted nothing to do with them
• Sport Bar – Which my car has
• Speedster Cover – Vaguely remember seeing years ago before the car was destroyed. Long gone now
• Black Convertible Top – Which I do remember the car having before it was replaced with the current tan top before it was abandoned.

When it comes to looking for the things all Saleen’s should have, here is what I have found on the car:
• Racecraft Suspension – Present and intact but has seen better days
• Engine Bay Plaque – Gone but the holes in the firewall are exactly where they should be
• Windshield Banner – Was on the windshield until I had an incident with the hood latch failing on the road and cracking the windshield which has since been replaced
• Bumper numbers – Gone. Weren’t even replaced by P.O.
• Gear Shifter Plaque – Gone. Faint residue outline
• Door Graphics – Present
• 200mph Gauge Cluster – Was broken and my dumb self not knowing it was repairable threw it out.
• Trunk/Decklid Emblems – Faint outline from S281 Supercharged Badge

So really, I’m not sure where this leaves me. I want to believe its real, there’s evidence it is, or at one point it was a spot on clone. It’s just hard to find out information when you’re not given very much to go off of which is why I’m here. I’m 18, this is my first project car, it’s slowly turning me into a Mustang fanboy. Its my favorite body style even though it’s a convertible, but I let it slide. And I got it for free. Will I be disappointed if it’s not real, very much so but it won't stop me from building it. And even then, I can’t complain about a free Supercharged Mustang that I can honestly say that I brought back from the dead.

If anyone can help me out, it would mean the world to me. Any information anyone can find is more than I know already and only helps me. The VIN is 1FAFP45X6XF133412. I’ve include pictures of everything I can think of. Anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.

Note: I'll link a dropbox to photos I have of certain components and the car itself!

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