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Default Any interest in after-market TSW wheel clips?

I have been communicating with a retired machinist about making some replacement TSW clips for my, recently acquired, S-121 in his home shop.
He works T/M and is reasonably priced for his experience but still aint cheap!

As it turns out, the cost of having him make 4 or 5 (always nice to have spares) is about half the cost for making molds to produce many. Thus I am curious if there is enough interest to risk funding said molds and having him crank them out many at a more affordable win for me and the remaining 280 some owners.

My plan is that I would ship him (He is state-side) one of my clips for a template then fund the cost and hope to recoup my investment, and take one more part off the endangered species list.

So I would ask for feedback regarding the following 4 Qs:

1) Would you be interested in aftermarket clips?
2) If yes, how many do you think you would be interested in acquiring?
3) What is your maximum price to pay for 1 clip?
4) what is your maximum price to pay for a set of 4 clips?

The reason I ask about maximum price is because I know we all want to get one for a buck fifty, so no point asking lowest desired price. By understanding what the market will pay, drives how many I would need to have produced. IE if only 10 people are interested at paying $10 each, then its a losers game. But if there is a potential commitment for 200 at $15 or $25, or more, then it becomes worth the risk that I wont end up with a box of these in my garage and eating Ramen Noodles for a month. Plus, the cost can go down if there is heavy interest.

I'll try to check in every few days to see how its going.
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