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Many of you are familiar with Robert's Barricade tribute car from San Antonio. In fact Robert brought his Barri to the 2011 Gullo show. Unfortunately due to work commitments, we're not going to get to have Robert join us this year with either of his fine Saleens.
However I'm happy to let everyone know that the #1 of 3 Barricade cars built for the movie Transformers will be joining us for the Gullo show. The owner is a Houston-area resident and he's excited to bring his car out to share with us. He tells me that the #1 car is the only Mustang that was built by Saleen. The other 2 are Mustangs with Saleen body kits and V6 engines. The #1 car is the S281 Saleen Extreme package with the V8 engine.
Movie scenes involving this car are as follows.
SCENE#1: The first appearance of Barricade at the airport
SCENE#2: The warehouse chase scene involving the old Camaro
SCENE#3: The night chase scene in factory
SCENE#4: The final highway chase scene with all the vehicles together
One more reason to come out for this exciting event!
Check out this album for pics of this cool car:
Joe Mills
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