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Default 2011 saleen #41 in australia

hi thanks for the info had no idea it was made by mja/ revstone.Michigan,now completly confused, could explain the FORD supercharger and not being signed and i see some still for sale out here ,NEW, (2012 2013 models) and converted RHD priced at $160.OOO, mine new cost $190.000,i might be able to get their build numbers if i am lucky. Ford imports RHD GT mustangs to aust, huge waiting list. our highway patrol cops loved them, painted one up, put in on display BEFORE testing only to have the gearbox fall apart after only 3 minutes on test track, embarassed they let media know all about it and wiped mustangs from their fleet, it has also failed the ANCAP crash test ,scored ZERO from a possible NINE points! but still the best thing to own out here all the best, doubledeal
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