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Originally Posted by Emaguerra86 View Post
I am confused. You telling me there was 2 yellow S7's at one time? Or just "two" post you made about the yellow S7.
I didn't think there was a 2003 TT. In fact, I don't have a yellow S7 TT in any of my notes to #61, that's the one that fell off a truck. And eventually went to Dubai, now white. Anyhow. I hope to become the S7 expert. And my notes are getting longer and longer. I thank you for your help.
Two different cars.

03-017 which was a very early S7 chassis, this was a silver / black engineering car that was marked for Mexico export. This car is believed to have been painted yellow and still in USA.

The S7 TT that you have photos of currently in Mexico is a yellow / tan vehicle. I have no such record of this color scheme S7 (either NA or TT) existing.
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