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Default Q: Compression ratio? - 2005 N20

Hey everyone out there I've got a question for you all about a 2005 Saleen N2O with a 2.0 Duratec. I would like to put a turbo on my car but I want to leave the nitrous system on with the turbo this is like the only major upgrade I want to do on the engine besides like injectors or such. My question is about compression ratio I don't know what the compression ratio is on the stock engine nor do I know what it is with the nitrous. Basically I want to make sure that on my stock block, and head I would be able to run a turbo with the nitrous to spool it. I mean I just don't want to install this and find out I need to change my whole block or head. I also saw another Saleen Focus owner without the nitrous that turbo'd his car and he had to add something to the exhaust because supposedly the Magnaflow exhaust can only handle like 8 pounds of boost and obviously a turbo is gonna need to push out more boost then that, at least for me it will. So, if anyone out there has any answers to my questions or knows where I can get said answers I'd greatly appreciate it.
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