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Default Photo shoot

So I finally got the new engine installed, and threw in a T56 trans and one-piece driveshaft just to keep things interesting. The drawback is that first gear in the trans is now so low (numerically, geared tall) that getting the car moving is an clutch slipping exercise, turns out the stock rear is 3.31. So, I've picked up a 3.73 out of a Bullitt and will be swapping it in after the July 4th holiday. I ordered a Griggs torque arm and lower control arms and still have some Boss front lower control arms that we'll also be sliding under the car... We should have her whipped into shape by August, and I plan to make a trip to JDM in NJ for a dyno tune. They worked wonders with the stock engine and I can't wait to see what they can do with the new one.

Anyway, I'm up for a photo shoot in, say, mid-August. What does everyone else's schedule look like for that time?
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