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Originally Posted by Coderedsaleen View Post
So in what order do you apply the wax, sealants or other stuff to get the deepest shine. I just ordered some Natty's Red.

It's all in the prep bud. If the paint is properly prepped, aka polished, the paint will look wet as can be. It's all the micro-marring (fine scratches) that take away from your paints finish and makes it appear dull. But some waxes do tend to "fill" the scratches and marring to help give the paint a glossier look. This goes away over time and the paint goes back to original state. The picture of my car above has 95% of the defects removed, Opti-coated, and Waxed. The wax just gave it more depth. But always apply a sealant first, than a wax. Sealants are more durable than waxes. Waxes tend to be more glossy.

If you really want the best of both worlds have your car coated. A coating is like a super hydrophobic barrier against marring and the elements. It can last up to two years (Cquartz) or longer (Opti-Coat 2.0). My car has Opti-Coat 2.0 on it, but I top it with a wax all the time to give it a deeper look.
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