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Originally Posted by jcar302 View Post
IMO, black chrome wheels are trendy and that trend is pretty much over thankfully.

I actually considered it when I went to gloss black wheels on my xp8, luckily I knew someone that did it with a black car to see in person and the two tones of black together looked awful.
I can respect that. It "might" be a trend, but I don't see it that much out here honestly. I don't know if its location oriented, but I would think a set of black chrome Saleen rims would be something you're not gonna see very often or at all in the 99-04 section of Saleen mustangs at the car show. I think it could work well with my car color schematic. I already have black accents and striping on the car. Apparently the car originally had silver graphics, but they were changed to black, which I prefer myself.

Bottom line is I don't care for chrome in general, and I didn't want to be yet another person with gloss black, flat black or plastidip black wheels... Now that is trendy...
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