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Originally Posted by XxBoostinxX View Post
If you really want the best of both worlds have your car coated. A coating is like a super hydrophobic barrier against marring and the elements. It can last up to two years (Cquartz) or longer (Opti-Coat 2.0). My car has Opti-Coat 2.0 on it, but I top it with a wax all the time to give it a deeper look.
I did the CQuartz Finest route and my personal opinion it is the holy grail of shininess. I tried putting a wax over CQuartz but couldn't tell a difference so I don't apply any. Opti-Coat is a similar product with also great results.

I therefore put all my effort into proper washing technique to minimize any micro scratching which degrades the shine. I use CQuartz for both my car and truck and its amazing.

I hope you do a water / rinse - less wash show down. Here in California there's a drought!

Or a CQuartz vs Opti-Coat comparison *crowd gasps*
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