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Originally Posted by AbsStang06 View Post
I bought the Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax and I will say it really surprised me how shiny my car was afterwards.
The Meg's Ultimate line is pretty decent. Keep in mind that tho it's called "Wash and Wax", it is in fact a synthetic polymer sealant. Everything in the Meg's Ultimate line is designed around their Synthetic "hydrophobic" polymer sealants technology. Things to keep in mind is that Polymer sealants don't adhere well to dirty/contaminated paint. Also, polymer sealants will have trouble bonding OVER a coat of carnauba wax, so if you've waxed your car with a carnauba (Meg's gold class, mothers pure carnauba) you should be washing the car with a soap infused with carnauba, (Mothers Carnauba Wash & Wax, Meg's Deep Crystal) not polymers, to help replenish the wax and extend the durability.

Originally Posted by AbsStang06 View Post
for the interior I bought Armor All Natural Finish Detailer protectant wipes and leather wipes, but where I live it's HOT (it's the desert, what else do I expect lol) so the wipes seemed to dry out pretty fast. What leather conditioner does everyone recommend? I like the natural finish wipes for the interior instead of the "greasy" finish.
Mothers VLR "Vinyl Leather Rubber" is a great multi-purpose interior care product. It can be used on everything from the dash to the leather seats, and cleans, conditions, and protects.
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