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Default brembo brakes

Hi there. First, nice find. 2nd I am unaware of Brembo calipers being embossed with Saleen as you would have with the Alcon calipers. If I am not mistaken, the Brembos were just rebranded with a Saleen decal. Safe to say a refresh powdercoat or paint, and a decal you can find on ebay will be "correct." With the money you are spending to refresh them, I'd say go factory look, black with yellow decal. I actually rebranded a set of Roush Alcons to resemble Saleen Alcons and I painted them red and used black Saleen letters. I did them myself. But, again paying a good amount to restore, I would stick to a factory look. Honestly, the finish doesn't look bad. Maybe some touch ups and a re-clear? Hope this helps. Pictures of final product :)
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