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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
No. The hood is aftermarket and the front bumper cover is the Mustang V6 version. The replacement interior is Mustang V6 as well.

I respect the rebuild, but with so few dollars invested, not sure why the current owner decided to avoid returning these features. Since SMS still has those parts in-stock, for the time being.
Well Dave, it's noble for you to think that SMS has all the parts "in stock". I"ve ordered an interior kit, it never showed up and never got a call back. I ordered steering wheel center and fender emblems and they never showed up. I did get one box once from SMS, but it had been ripped open by someone at the post office and there was nothing inside it. I refuse to pay $1500 dollars for a hood and $3700 dollars for Seats, I don't care what they are made out of, and as far as the V6 Front bumper cover? Who cares? I got it for $80 bucks and it was ALREADY WHITE!! SMS wants $1150 for the cover alone, then you gotta buy the chrome rings for $250. That was another "no brainer" just to get it running. I learned my lesson in 1996, when I repaired an S351 R code Theft car. It was missing seats, wheels, Front bumper cover, Supercharger and I bought EVERYTHING new From Saleen at a HUGE COST. One year later and I could have had everything I spent $20K dollars on for less than a GRAND off a WRECK with 2000 miles on it. I'll bide my time, I know that a HOOD, bumper cover, and Seats will eventually show up USED for peanuts compared to new ones that you really can't get. As for a "v6" interior, that's nonsense. Those are just the factory cloth Seat covers that came standard in V6 Cars AND GTs. I test drove a white GT with the exact seats as I have now. They are surely comfy and I came very very close to hitting my Target Figure of having the car running and driving for 15K dollars. I'll finish it later, I didn't want to create a money pit without knowing for sure the car was going to actually run and drive properly. You can pick on my car's missing parts all you want when you show me "YOURS"!!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHA
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