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Originally Posted by Char259 View Post
Good restore, that's so pathetic of SMS to first try and get the prices they are asking for items and secondly not coming thru on potential sales. Sounds like SMS is running just like Saleen!! I would guess their long term futures are going to be the same.
Ummm. No.

One thing to keep in mind, there will not be a huge inventory of 2010-Present parts. The large production of the SN-95 body allowed for a strong market for both new and used items.

The odds of finding used SMS parts 'cheap' is simply not there. If one finds used SMS parts, the market is bare, they should carry a large price tag regardless.

If 10-005 attains a new owner, I hope they finish the car correctly. I also hope the shock towers don't crack from being burnt by flame.
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