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"If 10-005 attains a new owner, I hope they finish the car correctly. I also hope the shock towers don't crack from being burnt by flame. "

Once again we have someone who has NO first hand knowlege of the car making stupid statements. Shock tower crack? Burnt by flame? What kind of nonsense is this? I've never seen anything burn without a flame!! For your information SIR the paint was still ON the passengers side shock tower just discolored, so that side couldn't have got that hot, and paint was still on the majority of the drivers side shock tower and under the fender on the reinforcement of the unibody. I made the careful determination during cleaning and inspection that NOTHING structurally on the unibody was heated enough to warp or warrant replacement. I've seen quite a few FOX body Mustangs and SN 95's with MAJOR body cracks that have NEVER been in a fire or crashed!!! Nothing last's forever. I highly doubt that the front end is going to just fall off next week. If something structurally cracks or gives out 20 yrs from now, you fix it just like any other car!!! Or take it to the crusher!!! Your choice!!!
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