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Default Q: 2013 Saleen Mustangs?

I have searched all over the place and have found absolutely nothing on the 2013 Saleen/SMS. We know there will be 3 trims, but outside of that I haven't seen any details. I'm not sure I'll be in the market, but want to see some pictures, price points and stats. These 2013 Mustangs are growing on me every day and can't wait to see what the next Saleen iteration is going to look like. I am expecting at least some styling changes over the 2012 SMS and some of the original 'Saleen' badging. The 2012 SMS is badass, but just doesn't feel right without the Saleen banner.

Roush is out, actually 23 of them on eBay right now. GT500 is out, Boss is out, GT is out.... When are we going to see the new Saleen?
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