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Please quit using the Lucas's speed wax. My stepdad use to use that stuff on his white vette. I kept telling him it wasn't a great product and once he bought he's new black vette noticed that it wasn't either. I just don't believe someone who specializes in motor oil can have a good wax! Anyhow, that's my 2 cents......

Now, lets talk about black paint. You have to make sure you keep it protected with a paint sealant or good carnauba. I personally love wolfgang 3.0 and follow up with wolfgang Fuzion. I start with this because if you protect that black paint well enough all you are going to do with a detail spray or waterless is scratch the crap out of the paint. I am slowly moving towards more waterless than detail sprays just because it has all the lifting properties that detail sprays are lacking and still can be used just like a detail spray.

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