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Originally Posted by olecoot View Post
Of which Shelby do you speak?

I believe if you check the MSRP of any late model Saleen (08 or 09), you'll find that the price is right in line with them.

And I doubt the Shelby would handle as well.
And how many 08/09 Saleens did, and do you see on eBay or sitting on dealers lots, even when the economy was good?
Mid 60's for a Saleen in this market is ridiculous, pure and simple especially given the warranty BS that current owners were put thru.

The new Shelby is as good, maybe even a better overall car than my 06 281. What it gives up in "handling", -if anything- is more than made up by the forged engine, 6 speed transmission, etc of the Shelby. And, the MSRP is 15,000 less. FIFTEEN THOUSAND..and its a SHELBY.

Everyone knows Ford/Shelby is notorious for inflating the prices of anything with CS's name on it..but they were smart enough to get the price right.

I love my Saleen, but I also am a realist and a car enthusiast in general. I don't see one thing on the new Saleen that would make me pick it over the Shelby for the 15K premium they have tagged it with.

I'm sure I'm not the only Saleen owner that shares that opinion.
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