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Form what I have heard the Troyer kit and the JDM kit produce nearly the same HP. As far as the tune I can only speak to the JDM tune but I have never heard any issues with people that went with the Troyer kit. Like many here I too spoke at length with Mike Troyer and he is VERY knowledgeable and knows this truck better than many. Either way you're really going to dig the way the truck responds.

Oh yeah, one more point on those Dynatech headers.....If you go with a good cat back exhaust it will logically have a 3" entrance into the muffler. The Dynatech "Y" pipe is a nice quality part BUT it drops the size down from 2x2.5" to 1x2.5" which creates a serious restriction. What Mike Troyer suggested to me was to "swedge" out the 2 1/2" section to make it 3", but my muffler guy did not think the stainless could handle it without damage. So what he did was to cut back the "Y" to a point just where the 2 feed pipes meet and that very area is just over 3", he then added a section of stainless to join the cut "Y" with the muffler input and that solved the problem. Prior to doing this mod I was able to easily hear the air rushing past that short 2 1/2 section but now that sound is gone. You may want to consider something like that to make sure you have good flow with no funky size changes....
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