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Default I am a new owner

Just bought my candy apple red 2009 Racecraft. I was chasing a numbers car, Shelby or Bullitt. I drove some of the Shelby's GT and GT500 but they were hard on the suspension and heavy on the clutch. The 08 Bullitt I dove wasn't as clean for me. Then I went to look at a 07 shelby gt and there it was, a car I never heard of, a Racecraft. I drove it and made an offer. They didn't take it, so I walked and that week I bought an 08 GT with 22k miles. Every day after that purchase, all could think about was the Racecraft. Went back after 3 weeks and traded in the 08 for the same price I paid. The Racecrfat was sold to another dealer but not delivered and I had to match the price. This car was ment to be mine. It is what I wanted from the begining and end.
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