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hennie -

No arguement on whether this is a huge performance upgrade. I agree, in order to get significantly improved performance you would need to upgrade the caliper.

I saw this as a replacement scenario where I had the choice of spending ~$150 to buy stock replacements or this kit for $300. At the same time, I considered that this kit came with Hawk pads (better performing pads than stock), and also vented rotors (not only slotted, but vented in the center of the disc). The stock rotors are solid 1 pc. The larger diameter rotor certainly can't hurt performance either.

Lastly, since my car has the front 13" brake option from Saleen, the rears looked that much more out of place since they are so small. For a weekend driver on the street, this kit hits the mark in my opinion and certainly doesn't break the budget vs replacing with stock units.

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