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Power-Tech was part of the "family of companies" when MJA created the umbrella. I believe they sold the umbrella to Revstone. Then Mike S. bought back one of the companies when Revstone had their troubles. I don't recall which company was doing superchargers.

When MJA/Power-Tech (?) made the announcement of their Series 6.5, they spoke of making their own screws. By this time, Vortech had Lycholm in the US. I can recall Vortech executives being interested in what MJA/Power-Tech were going to mill for screw designs. Since it appeared MJA/Power-Tech were not using Lycholm screws. If the designs were Lycholm copies, that was to be challenged.

I thought at one point there was a plan to make the Series 6.5 a modular supercharger unit. My memory could be wrong. To possibly make one unit fit multiple engine families. Could be mistaken.

I don't believe there were any "factory" 2010 435S or S281 Mustangs that ran the Series 6.5 lid. Those cars that had the new lid, were retrofitted.

What a great question is... did any of the 2010 Mustangs run the 6.5 case with the 2005-09 intake? Or were all the 2010 Mustangs running leftover Series VI units?

Also, do you recall word on how the 2010 "PowerFlow" hood was to be functional? I thought I could remember there was an idea to make a plenum that would seal against the hood to create a ram air effect. Like a SuperShaker, but without a hole in the hood.

Much like the SuperShaker, it had issues with being passed as an compliant item. Something about air intakes or canisters. Or am I mis-remembering?
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