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Default Caution!

I know these motors and racecraft cars well, if you look back a year or so I listed my specs on my 09 racecraft with 700+ rwhp. The reason I had to build that motor was due to spitting rods out of my stock motor with a 3.2 pulley. It dumped the rods on the highway at 2 months old with 4k miles on it. Bought all my parts through the ford dealer I purchased the car from. 3.2 pulley, super shaker, gt500 pumps, lt headers, conservative tune from jdm, and full exhaust. My car was supposed to be safe! Should be able to handle that all day they said. Those bottom ends can't handle 10 lbs of boost for long. I still have the broken rods and beat up pistons if u need proof. I will not say that all motors will fail with this set up. I've read on hear several guys pushing similar and still alive and well. I am only cautioning you. Ford voided my warranty, and the new motor cost me $18k. I would say stick with 3.4 - 3.6 and a rich tune. With headers and CAI, you should put lil over 400 to the ground safely. Good luck!
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