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Rude and insulting...What was rude and insulting about the post? I too think it is funny when someone posts up info like they are in the know but are completely wrong. I guess its just how someone reads it though....So we can agree to disagree

As for the other post now that was rude and insulting which nobody even the poster can deny....

Now for the public reprimand given to each it seems biased to one side...The first poster gets told to play nice and he is warned by the site admin (like he could get banned for another offense) for what seems to be a questionable post. The second poster then comes out and attacks the first with insults but he is just told by another member "there is no need for that". This time the site admin just dittos the members words, how is that fair?

I like this place there is a lot of good info and I am thinking about joining the club. Thing is I have lots of questions and I like to voice my opinion...I hope that doesnt mean I am a bad guy...Fair and balanced is my motto...
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