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Originally Posted by Saleen Forums News View Post
Thanks to Jorge, we now have a PDF download for the Series VI Supercharger Manual (see the link below).

Saleen owners with this supercharger should consider keeping this download handy for maintenance and diagnosis -- at least you can be better informed should you take the vehicle in the dealer for service.

Please keep in mind that there may be future updates as the series evolves and design matures.
this information was very helpful, and as was stated its always good to know about these items especially when having to take your car to the local ford dealer and deal with mechanics that aren't saleen certified....such was my case and after reading through the file i found the other part of the system about the coolant and how the pump operates..SO i took a walk out into the garage, popped the hood, turned the key into the access mode walked around to the front of the car and opened the cap as described, and noted that the fluid was moving vigorously through the container, I ALSO noticed that the fluid had no color to it....hmmm...and also noticed that it was only about a third of the way full (please note that my local dealer along with an svt cert mech and the saleen team ,via phone and fax, had replaced the supercharger under warranty less than 1,000 mi ago)-so- i pulled out my handy dandy coolant gauge and sucked up some of the fluid, turns out it would not even float the gauge needle and was very i tasted it and no flavor... straight water would be my guess at this point!!!!!
THX to you guys it was drained and refilled with a 50/50 mix as per the bulliten, if i would not have read this i probably would never been able to stop a potential prob