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Default STSB08-008 Fuel Rail Hose Recall/Campaign

SOEC has been advised that Saleen has released the following recall:
Date: 10-20-08
Subject: STSB08-008 Fuel Rail Hose Recall/Campaign
Applied Vehicles: 2007 S331 Supercharged Trucks
Bumper Number: 07-0003T thru 07-0287T

Introduction: Saleen, Inc. has decided that a nonconformity exists in the above vehicles.

ISSUE: The fuel rail cross-over hose on some S331 Supercharged Trucks may contain localized, intermittent weak areas that could result in a crack in the hose wall and cause a raw fuel oder and/or raw fuel leak which can lead to a fire.

If you own a vehicle affected by this recall, you should contact your Saleen dealer as soon as possible to arrange a service appointment to have your vehicle repaired free of charge.
By this time, your dealer should already be informed of the recall and have instructions on inspecting, and, if necessary, replacing the Saleen-supplied fuel rail assembly.

If you can not reach an Saleen Authorized Dealer, you may contact any Ford dealer.

Not every 2007 S331 Supercharged in that bumper number range is specifically identified as being affected in this recall. If you have a 2007 S331 Supercharged and want to see if your vehicle is on the list, you can PM us with your bumper number and last 8 digits of the VIN and we can check it against the list.

For more details, please see the PDFs below for the recall bulletin and inspection procedure to see if you may be affected...

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