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I contacted JDM, directly, and received a reply this morning. I received a brief, very negative response. The gist was 'the parts are no longer available.' I also asked about a long tube header installation and I was told 'there are no direct fit headers for your truck.' The impression that I was left with, after that response, was that I was dealing with a company that really didn't want my business. That is my opinion, but I believe I have the ability to interpret when I am being told to 'buzz off.' That is how it felt. Team JDM did state that they could help with a spark plug change and a custom tune, gee thanks.

There are literally hundreds of cold air intakes that fit our trucks. I am sure that at least a handful of the better designed, more expensive one will match the flow of the Roush pieces used in JDM's kit. As far as the pulleys, I have not done my research, but I would also venture that there are still options available. So I guess I will have to piece together my own kit, and then find a good tuner, who actually wants my business.
Installing long tube headers might be challenging, and require some modification, but I'm sure that any competent shop would be up to the task.

For right now, I am happy with my trucks performance, in stock (SC) trim. When I am ready to upgrade, this is the route that I will be taking.
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