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Hi, I just saw your message here about your S331 truck and wanted to give you an explanation for our response. You see there weren't very many Saleen S331 trucks made, the market is minimal we get a call like yours about once every couple of months. Also your truck was built custom by Saleen and the under hood parts and exhaust especially are limited to the modifications that you can make. Unless it is all done custom. Which we did here back in 2007-2009 when we had our S331 truck. Now since the parts are no longer available and we don't see as many of these trucks we don't offer parts for them. Or at least very minimal options as you were presented. Really all we can offer currently for a mail order customer is this...

*SCT X4 with custom tune (adds about 30 HP, better throttle response, firmer shifting, and fuel economy improvements)
*Autolite HT0 spark plugs - good maintenance and prevents against spark blow out or detonation with added power.
*JDM Electric fan kit - some S331's came with fan's often they failed due to wiring and design issues. Saleen recalled some trucks and put the stock clutch fan back in place, as so they did with all production Harley trucks. Our fan kit is made of Ford components with a custom harness and Heavy Duty fan motor, circuits, and relays.
*4.10 or 4.56 gear - gives you better acceleration.

Now as far as air intakes go because your truck has a supercharger we are limited, there is nothing out there of those hundreds of air kits that is large enough to support the power of the Supercharger. Your mass air flow sensor pegs 5 volt reading in current stock form. If you want to add boost you have to fix this. So naturally you need a larger air intake. We used to make one but we can no longer get the parts from Roush who supplied us with a 108mm air box. The stock air box is 80mm and every aftermarket airkit is about 80mm. To support the air flow from a supercharger the mass air flow sensor needs to sit in a housing of 100mm or larger. If you can get an air kit that can support this then we can tune the truck and add a smaller blower pulley. But no one makes them, I've had a few customers find old Roush parts or make their own. Now one of the other problems with fitting the Roush air box and tube is you have to relocate your intercooler reservoir and power steering fluid reservoir.

The headers, as far as it goes no one makes a system that will bolt up to your side exhaust. We installed headers on trucks only when they came to our shop. Even then it was a lengthy and expensive job. The gains are worth it, especially if you get the air kit and pulley figured out. We can offer the headers but you have to get an exhaust shop to make the rest of the system from the headers back.

I read Nick's email to you, he was trying to be helpful. Sorry if we could not support your truck any longer for the upgrades you wanted but your going to find the market is slim and what you need to do is something custom. Good luck, and you can contact us anytime if you need help.



Originally Posted by Metalcop View Post
I contacted JDM, directly, and received a reply this morning. I received a brief, very negative response. The gist was 'the parts are no longer available.' I also asked about a long tube header installation and I was told 'there are no direct fit headers for your truck.' The impression that I was left with, after that response, was that I was dealing with a company that really didn't want my business. That is my opinion, but I believe I have the ability to interpret when I am being told to 'buzz off.' That is how it felt. Team JDM did state that they could help with a spark plug change and a custom tune, gee thanks.

There are literally hundreds of cold air intakes that fit our trucks. I am sure that at least a handful of the better designed, more expensive one will match the flow of the Roush pieces used in JDM's kit. As far as the pulleys, I have not done my research, but I would also venture that there are still options available. So I guess I will have to piece together my own kit, and then find a good tuner, who actually wants my business.
Installing long tube headers might be challenging, and require some modification, but I'm sure that any competent shop would be up to the task.

For right now, I am happy with my trucks performance, in stock (SC) trim. When I am ready to upgrade, this is the route that I will be taking.
Team JDM, the Saleen Speedlab center!
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