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Default Q: Canadian 2005 Saleen N20 Sony Xplod?

I have come across the same car at a lot that I believe has been posted here under "Found: 05-0009CS" on 8/22/16. There are no more posts about this car or any info (that I could dig up) except for a couple you tube vids online. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this car and came here to try and get any info on this model, if it is a true Saleen car or not. Where could I get further info on this particular "Sony Xplod promo" car? It seems that it's a regular focus zx3s bought by Sony but was sent to Saleen for work. There's no Saleen number on the bumper, but it has seat heads and badging under the hood. I'm wondering what they would've done to these cars, how many built, engine upgraded by Saleen, was it a nitrous model (a s121 or can that engine take the n2o if stock focus 2.0?), how rare/approx value..etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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