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If I understand your issue correctly. Your top pivot bolt is hitting your lateral cross brace due to a replacement bushing/sleeve that is too think.

If that is the case, I would have mounted the bushing in a lathe and turned the sleeve down enough to fit properly.

Since I am not using my PJ as a track car, I have done the TSB. My car has 5,800 miles on it and bushings are good.

However, since the Watts link on this car has a single pivot bolt, I bought a Whiteline Watts link to have in the event I decide to track this one day.

I have a 14 GT 500 with a Cortex Watts, but I track that one and the Cortex is one of the best ones out there. Only cost prevented me from getting a Cortex for the PJ.

Cortex, $1,000.00. Whiteline, $800.00 ebay.

Personally, I wouldn't track my PJ with the OEM watts. I push my equipment pretty hard on a track.The track will find the weak link.
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