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Just talked to JDM engineering and chatted with a tech who remembered the kit. He said I should have the nuts. He told me that with the factory hardware there were not many threads to grab onto, and if my bushings made it any thicker that would explain why I can't. He told me to just grab a slightly longer bolt, get those nuts on the backside, and I should be in good shape provided I already upgraded all the other hardware and bushings. Can't say enough about how well you all documented the issues, repairs, tips, and upgrades that can be done to make one of these Watts work. I know in time I will probably jump to a Whiteline or Cortex, but since it was free and I was able to install it, I figure for now it's better than my questionable PHB setup and it has also resolved some phantom clunks that I had going on in the rear end due to said PHB.
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