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Greetings. I just recently purchased an 04 from a member in this forum that never had the nitrous system completed so I finished it myself. If you need any help I will by more than happy to give you a list of what I ended up needing to purchase in order to get it working.

It really wasnít all thatís hard, and I estimate I spent about 400 in components. One thing I will caution you of right off the bat is the fact that my 55k mile cars clutch was not happy even on a 50 shot so I currently am running a 40 shot and the car seems happy!

Things I know you need right off the bat are a MSD window switch, MSD Tach Driver, fuel rail adapter(I have a brand new spare I can sell you for a steal of you have an 04), custom 32Ē braided fuel line, a relay(again I have one of these as well if you need with a harness), a few fittings, and some other small items.

I can post an actual list of stuff later when time allows.
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