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Originally Posted by Saleen206 View Post
Ok, first I want to say thank you to the few who have taken the time to help me especially Aussie-Parnelli and Lenko! After careful inspection I also agree that it looks like I smoked the drive gears when the fluid went dry. Its still possible that the Rotor Pack gears are causing backlash but from what I can tell they do not have any play in them. I've called around and found that the only place that seems to have extra parts is Jon Bond. Of course I need to send the whole thing in to get new gears or whatever they deem it needs. I was told he bought all the stock in parts. Im sure they will put me through the ringer with everything.

Anyways since I have not found a good article on replacing the rotor bearings and I can't get replacement gears it looks like im sending it in when I have 4k for a rebuild. That's what PSE quoted me for worst case when I spoke to him. he also said he would send it back in pieces if I declined or I could just let him keep it... ha ha umm No. plus a $150 inspection fee and $250 each way for shipping.

Thanks again to all who helped me and I hope something was learned with the rear bearings here! Hopefully ill have it running again this year!
Hey Saleen206,

I somehow missed this post...I think you had been emailing me as well or that could have been another person dealing with Jon Bond.

But full disclosure, as I understood it direct from both sources PSE, and Jon Bond....Jon Bond bought all of PSE's inventory when they closed up shop sometime in the last year or two, not all the inventory. They may have reopened, I'm not sure as I don't concern myself with PSE, I only know this because he called me to buy his inventory, I told him no.

Since we specialize in the Saleen Superchargers we have plenty of parts and parts availability. We have the original Saleen designed and build computerized supercharger dyno, original or better parts and have the best warranty in the business, 4 years or 40,000 miles. Our success rate on doing top notch work exceeds even far past the original standards. This claim is based upon a 98% client satisfaction rate....yes its true you cannot make everyone happy or would want We have invested well over $10,000 in specific tooling hand manufactured to produce a product that can warranty giving such a strong warranty.

Our clients who keep coming back again and again for great 1 on 1 personal service and top notch craftsmanship keep us going strong.

As most of you know since we provide a custom build crate that is CAD designed, laser cut open cell foam...shipping cost are at a minimum. Average cost is $135 each way with $5,000 insurance. $250 each way is a robbery.

If you need help, give us a call...we'll get your supercharger back on the road and under pressure!
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