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So here is a long over due update..
I got the Supercharger back running perfectly a few months ago. I ended up replacing the rotor pack assembly (Thank you Tony) and rebuilding the snout and rear needle bearings with parts from Jon Bond Performance. The drive gears on the rotor pack assembly were smoked from fluid loss (failed sealant) in the snout and had excessive lash causing the rattling/clash noise from the blower. The gears should have virtually no lash back and forth. They are constant mesh.

Huuuge thank you to Tony (Aussie-Parnelli) for helping me and locating a rotor pack assembly for me. I cant say enough about what he did to help and it is why these forums are here. For info and help from fellow enthusiasts. We are all family and should help eachother!

Jason, I'm sorry if I offended in any way with my posts. I realize I dont have thousands invested in specialy tools and jigs etc but I do have very good mechanical experience as a technician and felt I could do the work myself if I could get the parts and info. In no way was I telling anyone to copy my methods or was saying I was an expert or anything like that. I was just documenting my experience so my fellow enthusiasts could have some info on these unicorn blowers. Right or wrong I assumed the risk and knew it was on me. I'm not telling anyone to do it how I did it. I appreciate you, your company and all your help and hope to stay on good terms with you as I was in the past.

Long story short I'm back and the car runs great!!
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