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Question Help: A/C blowing hot air! - PJ 501


Just picked up my PJ yesterday from my storage unit and brought it home. Pretty warm day, so I thought that I would try the A/C for the first time since buying the car last October. Found out that it will only blow hot air.

Since the car has only less than 1500 miles, the A/C obviuosly hasn't been used much in the cars lifetime of about 13 years.

I'm assuming that it's just lost it's refrigerant charge over the course of time due to sitting idle most of the time. Does this sound reasonable? I would also like to know what your experience is with reliability of the A/C system in these cars for you that use them more regularly. My wife says that the A/C needs to work if she's going to cruise with some this summer.

Thanks for any and all advice.
Richard Pittenger
Troy, Ohio
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