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Default The coffee grinder. Hee

The coffee grinder, rock crusher supercharger. 06 281sc. Well befor i had the supercharger refurbished it was noisy.. so..... then i found oil seeping from pully, so i had supercharger done 38k on car, they say these should be refurbished by 50k. So ok, $3,300. Looks nice, runs great, the noise is just a little hard to get used to. Idk. Ive only got 300 miles on this supercharger. Anyway its going in the shop with what ever stimulus check shows up for a look see and a warrenty. I love this car, its going to be my granddaughters one day so i want it perfect for her. I have cancer so...i have a 08 cobra for the grandson and the 06 Saleen for her to remember Popz by. Wish i could send a pic of this Saleen be because the rear lights are so cool, way better than stock. Its a panel but the lights look like the old 68 shelby lights but retro like. Super bad.
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