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Originally Posted by jrcalvin View Post
The lower grille mesh is no longer available from Saleen...if it ever was.
The S197-based cars are old now anyway. Saleen would not have replacement parts for them.

Though, Saleen PJ Edition replacement parts did exist by-way-of the Saleen Speedlab catalog from 2007 through 2008. For all of 2007 you had to prove you owned a PJ Edition to buy wheels, emblems, fascias, decals, etc from Saleen.

Once Saleen Inc was blown up in October / November 2008 and after MJA purchased the parts inventory... some of the parts were wholesaled and wound up with multiple resellers.

The front fascia Heritage Edition screen kits were on eBay from like 2010-15. Sometimes the entire kit, other times individual items. Then still, there were times people were re-selling Hertiage / PJ items and had no idea what the part was... and these items would just be "lost" on eBay.

Original Saleen PJ /Heritage Edition parts are out there. Either in private parts collections or sitting in misc boxes collecting dust. Or... in a garbage dump if re-sellers gave up.
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