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Originally Posted by Michaelt55 View Post
Whats the opinion of the group as far as replacing the Watts Link that Saleen placed on the PJ? I dont think mine had the TSB repair done so I am thinking about replacing it prior to failure. Most people like the Whiteline product, but I see some other ones such as Steeda, BMR, etc.

Give me your opinion, especially if you replaced yours with that brand. I am leaning towards Whiteline.
Well my opinion will come off biased, but its also based on merit of experience. Nothing compares to the engineering behind the Cortex unit. If you are supercharged you really want to consider the torque arm. These Saleen's have so much lost in Fords inherit design of the 3 link rear end and the lateral power curve the supercharger makes and managing that torque. The car does a terrible job and many have thought a control arm replacement helps, but changing the upper isnt the answer either.

If you want the best roll center correction, Cortex is the way to go hands down. They also offer the proper accompanying products that tie it all together to make your car dig in the ground, manage the torque and remain as compliant as you can get an S197.
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