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Like tbar said, it appears to be a rodent issue. A quick internet search for "snails in engine bay" brought up similar experiences with rodents being the main cause.

Originally Posted by turbobuick forum user

Ken. We had that problem at my place in San Diego, A LOT. IT's not the snails that are causing the damage. It's what is dragging the snails up into your nice warm engine compartment to snack on them that is causing the damage. Same thing happened on Kathy's 87. Would go out and find snail shells all over the place, but mostly clustered in one or two areas. You could tell they weren't there as the result of a meeting ;), but rather had been brought there for some other critter's snack.
Whatever that critter was (squirrel, mouse, rat), it also caused some chew damage
It was only a problem on the car/s that were forced to sit outside over night or some other place for an extended period. The garaged cars never had the problem.
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