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Default Calibration Q: Saleen Instrument Cluster?

Ok, so Ford sent Saleen, Inc. many Mustangs each year, which Saleen, Inc. turned into Saleens? Saleen modified these Mustangs in many ways, more on some models than others (S281, SC, Extreme).

One of the modifications Saleen installed was a set of Saleen Gauges? On my 2000, there is a 200mph speedometer and a 7,000k RPM tachometer, along with white faces with Saleen logos.

A Mustang GT has a 150mph speedometer and an 8,000k tachometer when it arrives at Saleen, Inc.

Question: How did Saleen account for the change in range of the speedometer and tachometer? The GT speedometer maxed out at 150mph and the Saleen 200mph. The GT tachometer maxed out at 8,000rpm and the Saleen maxed out at 7,000rpm.

The fix for the difference cannot be done in the tune of the PCM. The micro controller in the cluster controls whether a needle will sweep 50% or 75%, and ultimately what value it points to.

Did they change the whole cluster, including a micro controller that was calibrated for the Saleen gauges? Did they just install Saleen gauges and flash the firmware of the existing cluster/micro controller? I don't know if the micro controller or cluster even has flash memory. Did they install some sort of in-harness module that altered the signal to the tachometer and speedometer?

Remember this is way back in 2000, but maybe all New Edge Saleens were done the same.
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