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The machine to flash the clusters was damaged while in California. When it was looked into to find out what it would cost to repair it, it was something like $15,000. It would be hard to ever recover that money. At the time the management decided it wasn't worth it. I don't currently know where the machine is, I will look into it. There is no "firmware" the machine manually adjusts "Calibrates" each needle individually. Simco even looked into making a machine to do the same thing and decided it would cost way to much to do, they make the face and wanted to offer it with their name on it as a 200 mph cluster, but that never happened.
I heard Tony on the phone, and I don't believe he was rude by any means. He repeatedly said that we couldn't perform the service. You have to understand, you are on the other end basically offering money for service, if there was a way for us to do it we would.
Again, I will try to locate the machine and see where we can take it from there.

Thank you
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