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Originally Posted by apicia View Post
Seriously, 50" Plasmas are going for $700.
And thats the problem. buying a new 50" plasma is cheap - getting an existing one repaired is expensive, if not impossible. So, the trend is to ditch anything thats broken, and buy a new one... Not so easy if the machine you are talking about is obsolete though...

I have a little motorised curtain opener in my house, that burned out one small plastic gear. Sounds like that would be an easy fix for a handy guy, right? Well, it turns out that small plastic gears of exactly the right size are pretty darned hard to come by. I did find one company who would make me a replacement gear. Their quote? $2000 for one gear. If I bough 1000 gears, the price came down to about $10 a piece. Its the economy of scale that makes these things cheap. So, I am working on fabricating my own gear, which is also not as easy as it sounds - and will probably cost me more (if I count time and effort) than just replacing the entire device. But then again, I'm a bit stubborn like that!

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