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Originally Posted by Stang281 View Post
So that means an overlay on a GT cluster would be able to be flashed with no problems? If thats the case it's still going to be tough because Saleen does not make the overlays anymore.
Yea, all the clusters are the same. The cluster is the back half with the electronics and micro controller. The front half is the module, it contains the analog servos and gauges.

If your Saleen cluster goes bad, you can separate the module from the cluster and put it on another cluster. The problem is the new cluster will have no calibration or calibration from a GT or whatever it came out of (if used).

Either way, if you Saleen cluster goes bad, you put the module (gauge faces and servo motors) on any replacement cluster. Then have Ford mate it with your PCM. The only problem is we don't have the firmware from Saleen to throw into the microcontroller.
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