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The Tow hook is fully functional and attached to the RF Frame rail, I've already used it to load the car onto the trailer to get programmed at Ford. It's nearly impossible to hook underneath the car anywhere safely, and if you've ever been up close and personal with any road race car you'd know they all have Tow Hooks on them. The rules state you MUST have one front and rear. Besides, it's just BRUTAL to have a tow hook on a street car. Cunfuses the neophytes and wannabe street racers at cruise night perfectly. Go look at the nose and rear of any PORSCHE GT3 RS, RSR, or any American LeMans series car and you'll find all the tow hooks. As for the hood, heck it was cheap. Keeps the rain off the engine nicely, and it's very resellable someday when the correct hood makes itself available. It's not even painted, and matches perfect!!! The car also has a full length front splitter/undertray covering the complete nose all the way to the Engine cradle. Another race car thing, if you've never worked with them you wouldn't know.
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