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Originally Posted by saleenster View Post
Saleen showing was very strong this year. NEW 351 is rather odd, the motor is a Shelby 5.8 with a 3.4 KB...paint does look sharp, but 100k ? MAN...I still have a hard time imagining we have ventured into 6 figures for a Mustang.....and '01 protype has an Automatic sitting in it....

Steve was VERY friendly this year which makes sense.....:)
Motor actually started life as a 5.4 (not a Shelby 5.8), and thanks to its plasma technology and Saleen's forged rods and pistons, it's strong enough to handle well more than 700 horsepower. The twin screw 2.8L supercharger helps it get to that 700+ rating.

All Saleen 351 models will come standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox, but this owner has a bad knee so she can't drive a stick and requested an automatic.
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